We can either supply a technology leader to head up your IT department on a part-time basis or coach your existing personnel at leading the IT department.

With a “Virtual CIO”, our expert runs your IT department and insures that your business objectives are met within budget. You don’t have to make a full time commitment and pay a full-time salary.  We serve in an ongoing capacity and perform the following:

· Establish and Run IT Governance and Work with Internal Stakeholders

· Establish and Run Program/Project Management

· Mentor existing IT Staff

· Manage your vendors

· Serve as Liaison with Clients (if needed)

With our “coach” your senior IT manager learns how to manage a team, technology, and vendors.  They learn SLAs, vendor and personnel management, managing by metrics, creating a customer service ethic within the IT department, and how to set reasonable expectations.






IT Management

Serving Boston, New York and the Northeast